Friday, July 17, 2009


Was flipping through my home economics 'bible' one day and saw a onde-onde recipe, read through the ingredient list and the steps, it looked easy to me, I told myself I must try it one day! So once I got hold of the ingredients, another friend of mine, Joanne, also made onde-onde, and her recipe was very similar to the one in my home econs bible :) Will share this with you! Thanks Joanne :)

I ended up getting more sweet potatoes and grated coconut, so I increased the ingredients in the recipe to yield more onde-onde :)

Onde-Onde Recipe


400g steamed sweet potato
400g glutinous flour
6 tbsp water or more (I didn't measure how much water I used, just eyeball it, add a little at a time to form a dough)
1 tsp canola oil
chopped pieces of gula melaka (or call palm sugar)
freshly grated coconut (add salt)
1 tsp pandan essence


1) Steam the sweet potato until soft.
2) Mash the sweet potato in a bowl, add in the glutinous flour slowly, water, oil & pandan essence.
3) Knead till a dough is formed. You can add more water if the dough is dry or add more flour if the dough is wet and sticky.
4) Chop gula melaka into bite size pieces. (avoid wet)
5) Divide dough into 20g each and wrap in the gula melaka. (I just picked up a small pc of dough to create a ball which is bite sized then fill in chopped gula melaka)
6) Put the wrapped balls into a big pot of boiling water.
7) Fish them out when the ball floats (once it's cooked, it'll automatically float up!)
8) Toss them on to a plate filled with grated coconut and coat all around the balls.
9) Serve and eat!


Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

Yum! I've never heard of anything like this but it sounds awesome.

You asked a question about my glace icing post and I totally forgot to answer it- I'm so sorry! You can definitely store that icing in the fridge; it will stay good for several days. You'll probably want to let it sit at room temp before using though and you may need to thin it a little with milk if it thickens. Hope that helps- sorry for the delayed response!

Kristie said...

Thanks Sara for dropping by!

Yes, onde-onde is indeed very yummy, it's a malay dessert, a local delicacy in Malaysia. If u have the ingredients available on hand, no harm trying it out, I am sure u will love it!

Thanks for replying me over here, thought of dropping by over at ur site :) Ok noted on ur tips!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

See how much faster I am about replying now?? :) About the cookies, the yield depends on the size of cookie cutter and the thickness of the dough. The last time I made 2" pretty thin cookies and I got 40-50. If you want to make a good sized thicker cookie, I would double it because you can always freeze the left overs :)

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Wowww....Looked good. Wanna share some with me. Hehe.

Such a long time did not make onde2. Now I prefer baking cakes. Hehe.

Anyway, I got a blog award for you

Kristie said...

Sara, thanks a lot :)

Joanne, sure next time we make for each other ok :) Yeah, we both love baking!

Thanks for the award babe!