Monday, June 1, 2009

Matcha Coffee

Ever heard of green tea flavoured coffee??? I came across this for the 1st time in my life yesterday at Jusco! There was a promoter giving out free samples of coffee, and when I saw this packet, I couldn't believe my eyes... I just had to try it out!

For a green tea enthusiast like me, this is definitely new to me, I've tried green tea ice cream, green tea biscuits & cookies, cakes and drinking green tea itself but never coffee! You can't imagine how excited I was... after I tasted it, it was nice, very strong coffee with a subtle hint of matcha flavour... I was sent up to the skies... floated for a while then grabbed a pack and off I went to pay! :) Hubby also loved it, he said it was unusual, unique and something special!

You guys might want to try it, it was going for RM12.90 per pack for 15 sticks.

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