Thursday, May 7, 2009

Chilli Tuna Puffs

Made these Chilli Tuna Puffs after coming back from shopping late one night. It was really easy peasy! I got a packet of puff pastry from the supermarket and I asked my hubby to select a flavour for the pastries, he selected Chilli Tuna (he prefers savoury over sweet)!

So came home, I prepared the filling, added frozen vege, some tabasco sauce, a slice of cheese and wrapped up the puff pastries with it. Just before sending them to the oven, I glazed them with egg wash and stuck raisins on the top.

We both thoroughly enjoyed the pastries, a pack of puff pastry comes with 10pcs, but I had a bonus of 1 pc, so total we had 11 pastries! :) It was totally yummylicious...



-A pack of puff pastry

-1 can of chilli tuna (you can opt for whatever flavours you like)

-Handful of frozen vegetables

-Dash of tabasco sauce

-Few slices of cheese, cut into squares

-1 egg for glaze

1. Leave puff pastry at room temperature so that the dough gets soft

2. Mix tuna, frozen vege, and tabasco sauce together, season with salt/pepper

3. Spoon filling onto a piece of puff pastry, don't overfill, it will be hard to wrap up

4. Place a piece of cut cheese on top of the filling

5. Fold pastry to seal up

6. Brush with egg wash and send to oven to bake for 180 degrees celcius for about 30 minutes or till pastries turn golden brown!


Fussy mum said...

I love this Kawan brand of puff pastry too. Really easy to make.

Kristie said...

yes fussy mum, saves so much hassle of kneading dough especially for puff pastry!